Мурти (moortea) wrote,

Train. Outback. Remote. Wind. Dark. Alarm. TV. Noise. Bed. Empty. Annoying.

Blue story

Paper airplane spent hours training his flying skills. He didn’t want to spent rest of his life outback. He didn’t understand where from he did know that fact his remote ancestors could fly from one continent to another. He believed they could fly faster then wind could fly. So he was raising his nose again and again in a dark sky full of alluring starts. His inner alarm started working with every new whisper of bushes around. He knew two days before he was a piece of TV program. TV is a humans invention that could make noise. The great creator of paper airplane was watching it from his bed making airplanes and throwing them into the open window. Creators face was such a straight afterglow that it made airplane feel as empty as a crashed cocoon can feel itself when its butterfly flies into the sky. Sometimes recollections can be so annoying that even a paper airplane starts dreaming of his home-coming so strongly that his nose can be turned to starts only.

Gray story

Mr. Train moved fast in given direction. From one outback place to another. It passed remote stations. In pair with its best friend Mr. Wind. No matter was it a dark night or a sunny day. Alarm could ring in the air starting their competition. You could see them in TV news. They both made a noise arousing everyone around. They were happy to know people would toss and turn in their beds because of them. Their attempts were never empty. And they didn’t think that was annoying because they were friends who believed moving was better then sleeping.

Black story

One tourist was very curious about everything around him and missed the train. Rambling without right direction he lost his way somewhere outback. No doubts he went to remote places. Cold wind chilled to the marrow. Dark air around helped his fall into the water. He tried to set an alarm with a help of his mobile phone but it was wet and couldn’t work. Tomorrow his face will be shown at all TV channels. Disappearance of a famous and important figure will cause huge noise. The tourist was dreaming about his bed. It was empty, but it could be so warm and comfortable. This annoying thought was the last one thought in his life.

Red story

Small fox was training how to kill a rabbit. Rabbits once appeared outback and started to breed so fast that foxes now live in luxury. Small fox was sure it has remote resemblance with a Spiderman who could save planet from evil. Wind brought him smell of future victim and burned red fire in foxes soul. It rushed into the dark grass at its full speed and caught that nasty rabbit.

Alarm clock started ringing and rabbit woke up. He was so scared that switched his TV set to feel he was not alone. Noise of everyday news made him feel safe. But anyway he looked at his bed carefully to calm his subconsciousness there was no blood under the blanket. The day was just started but rabbit felt himself empty and hollow; defeated.

Even dreams can be annoying.

White story

We left the train and went to that strange hospital. Outback place we never were before. Mad fans of books of Haruki Murakami end their lives in remote places like draw-wells, desolated houses or lunatic hospitals. Wind brought us a mixed smell of cats and medicines. Her mind shouldn’t be lost in dark thoughts. Her day in a hospital started with morning alarm and was full of procedures that were written in a rigid schedule. She couldn’t watch TV, couldn’t read tastelessness books of modern writers, couldn’t call her friends and of course, of course she had to forget about Internet. All things that could bring noise in her head were forbidden. Her room was painted in white colour, with white table and white chair standing near white window and with a white bed in another corner opposite to white sink with a mirror above it. It could seem that strange place could make her life empty. But that was not so, being in a hospital deleted all that annoying things that made her life senseless.

Green story

My grandmother trained her house plant to grow along the northern wall of her house. Maybe plant dreamed of growing outback. Maybe it wanted its kids to live in remote places. It always asked wind to bring its grains to remote places. And when dark nights came the plant grew its new leafs due south. But soon after alarm woke my grandmother she started cutting them. TV showed them warm countries and green woods. The plant cried without making noise. Its aim was to decorate grandmothers’ bed and no one could disobey my grandmother because she was a teacher. Plant knew that all attempts of contradiction with education system were empty. But it couldn’t stop its annoying growing due south.

18 June 2008 @ 12:04 am

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